The Charles Wedding

The Charles Wedding

Tre and Kristi-Elize Charles are one of the most colorful weddings that I had the honor to work on. Tre contacted me in search of some colorful flower lapel pins. Soon after that, he sent me a picture of his bride’s wedding dress and everything he was asking for became clear. For me it is very important to be able to create exactly what the customer is looking for and sometimes having the picture of a dress is very inspiring for me. The dress speaks a lot to me and most of the time at the moment I see it I also imagine the design of the flower that I can create to go with it.

For the Man’s I created Custom Flower with color coordinated pre-folded pocket square.
For the Ladies I created color coordinated wristlet corsages mounted on a pearl bracelet.

Thank you to Tre and Kristi-Elize Charles for giving me the opportunity to enjoy and share those amazing pictures.

Also a special thank you to ANZA Photo+Film.

I am always very excited to develop a special custom piece that will make your outfit complete. For me, the small details are very important part of the big picture. I am here and ready to work with you.

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