Hamdija and Rozaliya’s wedding

Hamdija and Rozaliya’s wedding

Lately, I have noticed that couples are going the extra mile when planning a celebration that feels uniquely theirs and is filled with photo-worthy details that their guest will always remember.

One example is a couple I had a privilege to work with – Rosy and Hamdija. When it comes to small details, most people deal with it in the last week or two before the wedding, and I always do my best to accommodate the requests I receive. With Rosy and Hamdija the story was very different. The bride had a very clear idea of what she wanted 10 months before the wedding day. My communication with Rosy was more than enjoyable. We worked together do develop all the flowers that she wanted and which reflect the style she was dreaming of. Having so much time allowed me to unleash my creativity at its full potential.

Photographers – TWA Photographic Artists, Inc.

Thanks for the pictures provided by Rosy and Hamdija.

We started with a boutonniere for the groom. This design changed a few times before we had the final masterpiece.

The bridal bouquet was made to perfection as it ends up being the focal point including all the flower designs use throughout all the different accessories. There were a lot of Swarovski stones and pearls that were inspired by her beautiful wedding dress.

The boutonniere for the best men (the Kum), as well as a wristband for the maid of honor (the Kuma), were well-coordinated and inspired by her dress. The bouquet handle was picked by the bride and perfectly complete the stunning look of the bridal bouquet.

It was accessories time for the 2 years old flower girl. Her headpiece and flower baskets turned out perfect!

We also worked together to design the centerpiece for the tables. Each of the 18 centerpieces had 15 different design flowers. Two of the centerpieces went to the bride and groom table.

The centerpiece – these masterpieces brought so much excitement that I was able to develop a very unique bridal bouquet that will live forever. Rosy was fully involved in the process – she approved the flower designs, she picked a bouquet flower handle that perfectly reflected her dress. The details in creating all the accessories were very well measured without being too much or overwhelming.

The bride and groom table

The next step was to work on the pieces for parents – boutonniere for the fathers and wristbands for the mothers. To be able to create this flowers bi was waiting for the ladies to pick their dresses. Once I had pictures of their dresses it was easy for me to create the boutonniere and the wristband. The flowers perfectly reflected the dresses.

The parents of the bride.
The parents of the groom.

Rossy requested also flowers for the closest relatives – brothers, sisters, and cousins. For them I made single 1.5″ flowers.

Of course, there was a headpiece for the bride as well. She picked a very elaborate hairstyle and not much was needed, so a simple flower with some stones was just perfect.

I also created a second very similar bouquet that she can throw away to the featured bride.

All the flowers were shipped as soon as I was done with them. It was very important to me that they arrive in perfect shape so I went the extra mile to make sure they are well packaged.

A few weeks before the wedding she ordered more flowers for their welcome board for the restaurant. This board turned out really well. I made the flowers and let her play with their placement on the board and of course, she did elaborate work on it.

Rosy was kind to invite me and my family to the wedding and all of us were very excited to share this special day with them. I was able to be in Illinois a day before the big day and assemble all the centerpieces to the smallest detail and perfection as the bride wished to be.

On the spot, I was able to create a decoration for their wedding glasses (good thing I had most of my tools with me). I was also able to build a visual for her for their table set up and make sure all flowers were as perfect as she wished them.

The wedding day – the butterfly in my stomach reminded me of the excitement for my wedding only this time was different, I was excited to see my flowers be part of Rosy and Hamdija’s wedding day. The small details that make that big day photo-worthy and that create beautiful memories forever.

My family with the stunning bride and groom.

For me, it was priceless to see my flowers in action. To see the Kum (best man) and Kuma’s (maid of honor) reaction when they received it. To see the joy in their parents’ eyes. And the joyful proudness in their sister, brother and cousin’s faces. I was able to enjoy the guest’s first reactions entering the restaurant and seeing the tables set up. I was able to collect a lot of compliments first hand. This people’s joy is simply priceless and made me proud that my work provides so much beauty and happiness.

Thank you to Rosy and Hamdija’s, it was a pleasure to work with you!

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