Travel Collection – New York

Travel Collection – New York


Travel Collection – New York

Visiting New York was an amazing trip for my family. My kids loved the Guggenheim Museum, Central Park, and of course Time Square 🙂 with the M&M store :).

While, we were able to explore and experience New York, situated on one of the world’s largest natural harbors, and enjoying the energy of this never-sleeping city, I had the opportunity to do some fabric shopping in some of the incredible fabrics stores this city can offer. The endless options made me think “What fabrics I should pick to be able to represent and reflect New Your in my creations?”


The energy and the feelings of New York are incredible. Broadway and the nightlife played a big role in my choice of fabrics. I picked a metallic shiny lame fabric, also known as Helmut Lang Pyrite Cupro Lame. This one is the center of the party! Luminous colors, lame covers, an ultra-soft cupro, all make it as luxurious as it is shiny. The design that I choose I believe suits pretty well to fully develop my idea of representing New York in a lapel pin.


Here is my idea of New York reflected in my pins:

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